Hideki Tanaka

Hideki Tanaka


A131, Faculty of Science Main building (Building 1)
Tsushima-Naka 3-1-1, Okayama 700-8530

Tel: 086-251-8497

Email: htanakaa(at mark)cc.okayama-u.ac.jp

Academic Background

  • Professor, Okayama University, 1998
  • Researcher, Cornell University (New York), 1991
  • Research Assistant, Kyoto University, 1987
  • Technical Officer, Institute of Molecular Science, 1986
  • Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, 1984
    Institute of Molecular Science
  • Ph. D.: Kyoto University, 1984 (Graduate School of Chemical Engineering)
  • Master: Kyoto University, 1981 (Graduate School of Chemical Engineering)
  • Bachelor: Kyoto University, 1979 (School of Chemical Engineering)

Selected Publication

  • Confined Water in Hydrophobic Nanopores: Dynamics of Freezing into Bilayer Ice.
    J. Slovak, K. Koga, H. Tanaka, and X. C. Zeng, Phys. Rev. E.,60, 5833-5840 (1999).
  • Fluctuation of Local Order and Connectivity of Water Molecules in Two Liquid Phases.
    H. Tanaka, Phys. Rev. Lett., 80, 113-116 (1998).
  • Thermodynamic Stability and Negative Thermal Expansion of Hexagonal and Cubic Ices.
    H. Tanaka, J. Chem. Phys., 108, 4887-4893 (1998).
  • Freezing of Confined Water: A Bilayer Ice Phase in Hydrophobic Nanopores.
    K. Koga, X.C. Zeng, and H. Tanaka, Phys. Rev. Lett., 79, 5262-5265 (1997).
  • A self-consistent phase diagram for supercooled water.
    H.Tanaka, Nature, 380, 328-330 (1996).

Proceeding / Presentation

  • Potential Energy Surface of Metastable Water.
    H. Tanaka, (Bunsen Discussion Meeting on Metastable Water, Germany, 1999), invited.
  • Hydrogen Bonds Between Water Molecules: Thermal Expansivity of Ice and Water.
    H. Tanaka, (International Conference on Solution Chemistry, Japan,1999), invited.
  • Phase behavior of supercooled water and formation of 2D ice.
    H. Tanaka, (Gordon Research Conference, USA, 1998) invited.
  • クラスレート・ハイドレートの生成の計算機シミュレーション.
    田中秀樹, (日本化学会中国四国支部化学懇談会, 岡山, 1998)
  • 水の液液および固液相転移の機構とダイナミックス.
    田中秀樹, (第2回理論化学討論会, 岡崎, 1998)
  • Phase diagram of supercooled water and liquid-liquid transition.
    H.Tanaka, (Workshop on Hydrogen Bonds at High Pressure, Japan, 1997).
  • Phase diagram for supercooled water and liquid-liquid transition.
    H. Tanaka, (Japan-Korea Joint Symposium on Clusters and Related Compounds, Japan, 1997) .
  • 液体状態の水の低密度-高密度相の転移と相平衡,
    田中秀樹, (日本物理学会第51回年会, 金沢, 1996)
  • Reconciling the phase behaviors of supercooled water,
    H. Tanaka, (American Chemical Society National Meeting, USA. 1996) invited.

Research Collaboration

  • H.E.Stanley, Boston University, C.A. Angell, Arizona State University, JSPS/NSF 2000-2002
  • X.C.Zeng, Univ. of Nebraska, JSPS 1999
  • U. Mohanty, Boston College, JSPS/NIH 1999