The 13th Mini-Symposium on Liquids

Date: June 29 (Sat),-June 30 (Sun), 2019
Place: Okayama University (Tsushima Campus), Conference room, Faculty of Science
Fee: 1000YEN (500YEN for students)

Place: Via Pace (Okayama)
Fee: Actual Expenses

We reserve a few short talk slots for young scientists (10-minute talk + 5- minute discussion). The shot-talk speakers will be selected from the poster presentation applicants. If you are willing to give a talk, submit a poster presentation via the website by May 31, and check a box for “I want to give a talk”. The speakers will be informed by June 10th. Please note that a number of slots are limited.

Invited Talks

  • 岩下靖孝(京都産業大学)Yasutaka Iwashita (Kyoto Sangyo University)
    Self-assembly and ordering of anisotropic colloidal particles

  • 大貫隼(早稲田大学)Jun Ohnuki (Waseda University)
    Hydrophobic surface enhances electrostatic interaction in water

  • 藤原悟(量子科学技術研究開発機構)Satoru Fujiwara (QST)
    Coordinated analysis of protein hydration water by neutron crystallography, small-angle scattering, and quasielastic neutron scattering

  • 杉山正明(京都大学)Masaaki Sugiyama (Kyoto University)
    Neutron Scattering – tools for structure and dynamics for biomacromolecules in solution-

  • Enrico Carlon(KU Leuven)The influence of twist-bend coupling on the statistical mechanics of DNA

  • 望月建爾(信州大学)Kenji Mochizuki
    Promotion of homogeneous ice nucleation by polyvinyl alcohol

  • Organizers

  • Ryo Akiyama (Kyushu)
  • Kenichiro Koga (Okayama)